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MoCA is a cultural association born to enhance each form of art in order to rise public awareness and to introduce people to art. MoCA has also the purpose of promote contemporary art and support emerging artists creating cultural international events and a growing international network of opportunities, relationships and communication among artists, art lovers, cultural professionals.



MoCA is addressed to different targets, offering opportunities and possibilities for new collaborations in order to spread beauty and love for art, but above all concrete occasions for growth and development of new projects.

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In 2006 the Cultural Association MoCA founded Arte Laguna Prize, an international art competition dedicated to the visual arts, in particular painting, sculpture, photography, video art and performance, virtual and digital art. Its aim is to promote and support the artists and their career by offering a range of opportunities.

During its 15 editions Arte Laguna Prize has worked with artists from over 120 countries and with professionals from different backgrounds in the international art scene that make up the judging panel. Since 2010, the exhibition of the finalist works has been held at the Arsenale of Venice, one of the most popular venues for contemporary art in the world.